Basically, I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


Hey there, party people! What better way to christen the new website than a video. During my live interview with Shelf Addiction, I endeavored to answer the tough questions, and I did so with all the effectiveness of Peter Griffin attempting to tackle the greased up deaf guy at a picnic if I do say so myself.

Why do I hate pants? Because they’re the worst.

How difficult is it to do research for my books? We’ll never know. Much like my research habits, I followed my rapidly derailed train of thought right down the rabbit hole.

What would I say to convince readers to give my books a shot? Not only did I likely deter a whole subset of potential readers, I suspect I crushed the hopes and dreams of many of my current readers. #winning

Clearly I nailed it. Still, this seems like the perfect opportunity to adopt my softball team’s motto: Win or lose, we booze! Say it with me now: Win or lose, we booze! Win or lose, we booze!

Check out the full video to see me in all my ridiculous glory.

Do you have a question you wish I’d answer? Don’t hesitate to ask; I love being the center of attention.

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