Game of Thorns

“Happily ever after is only for fairy tales.”

Game of Thorns is a series of novellas featuring fairy tale princesses as their own villains.

I swear this is still happening!!!

I sincerely apologize to everyone who’s been waiting on this series. I know the first book was initially scheduled to publish in April 2016 (January 2016 if we’re counting my hopeful deadline). Obviously, I missed…oops. I’m in the process of making structural changes to the order of publication as well as within individual stories, they’re still coming. The bad news is that there is no new release date at this time. The good news is that the changes are real fucking good and it’s going to be worth the wait.

Bear with me, and stay tuned for updates.

Book 1: Sunsets and Sea Foam

The Little Mermaid

Book 2: Untitled

Snow White

Book 3: Untitled

The Frog Prince

Book 4: Untitled

The Princess and the Pea

Book 5: The Beauty of The Beast
The Beauty of the Beast ebook cover
Cover designed and formatted by Scarlett Rugers.


What do you do when the thing that goes bump in the night is you?

Engaged to the man she loves, Bellerose Cazier was preparing to live happily ever after. But one night, one choice, one moment changed everything. Following a brutal attack in the woods outside her home, healing from her injuries becomes the least of Belle’s worries. People close to her start dying horrifically and the explanation offered by the mysterious stranger stalking her every move is too fantastical to believe. But when Belle’s thoughts are no longer her own and she can’t account for where she’s been, she has to face an ugly truth: monsters are real. And perhaps the most dangerous one of all is closer than she thinks.

Literary Fiction, Fairy Tale, Paranormal


Book 6: Untitled


Book 7: Untitled


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