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I love interacting with readers– you don’t even have to be a reader of my books, just a reader of books in general– gamers, nerds, and purveyors of useless, albeit interesting, trivia.

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I’m not much for social media, making this is the best place to find information about me or any of my various shenanigans; however, I have been known to go on pinning sprees and I take lots of pictures of my food.

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NEW! Scratch my previous statement; I’ve recently discovered Tumblr and I think I have a new obsession…

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Check out my Snap story by scanning the below snapcode and see what I’m like on a day to day basis (mostly pretty spastic, but in a good way).

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If, like me, you aren’t so great at the technology thing, you can skip the snapcode and just search me by username.

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I only add people I actually know as friends and only friends can send me direct snaps. Sorry, not sorry, no unsolicited dick pics for this pantsless dancer extraordinaire


As a rabid reader, one of my favorite topics of conversation is, naturally, books. Come geek out with me over your favorite and your avoid at all cost reads! There’s no such thing as a bad review, unless it’s a bad review. Honesty’s the best policy?


I like to think that I’m a strict, but fair reviewer. But mostly strict. Nothing wrong with having high standards.


I stream when I game, so if that’s the sort of thing that blows your dress up, stop by and say, “Hi.”

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Still want more Cannes-Can? Obvi, why wouldn’t you? I’ve recently joined the ranks of proud creators on Patreon. It’s basically the cat’s pajamas, but don’t take my word for it, come see for yourself 😉

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I’m a bit of an attention whore– what can I say? I’m a Leo– and I’m always open to guest blogging, speaking, interviewing, you name it. Don’t hesitate to ask, I’ll probably be into it.

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