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Cannes-Can’s Corner

Well, Reading Until Dawn Con has come, and gone. Amidst the whirlwind of booze, book talk, booze, games, booze, more book talk, and let’s not forget the booze that was RUDC17, I even managed to keep my pants on. Though, if I’m being honest, I didn’t start with pants, so that might have had something to do with it.

Just as I did for RUDC‘s inaugural year, I left exhausted in the most wonderful way. On Sunday, while I rested Pickles and reflected on what it is that makes RUDC so special– Pickles is my liver– it occurred to me that the thing I enjoy most isn’t the swag, the games, or even the copious amounts of alcohol, it’s being in the space of people like me. rudc17, reading until dawn con, roselynn cannes, louise belcher costumePeople who love words and escaping to other worlds as much as I do. People who understand what I mean when I talk about the voices in my head. (Don’t worry, they don’t talk to me, just each other). People who fan so hard that they share my oddly specific knowledge of [insert obsession of choice here].

While I’m usually completely content with my own company (I’m never really alone; I have the voices), sometimes it’s fun to make obscure references I don’t have to explain; and it’s always nice not to feel like a raving lunatic when conversation turns to [again, insert obsession of choice here]; and, frankly, not all of my nearest and dearest share my zeal for Harry Potter (hard to believe, I know), but that’s just the way of it… Okay, my whole family loves Harry Potter (the books, not the movies) so that was a bad example; however, if you’ve ever been with a group of people who didn’t get it when you asked if they thought Trump’s hair was a horcrux, then you know what I’m talking about. You need to be around your people every once in a while.

My new marketing guru, Jennie Marts, talks about finding your tribe. I’ve never had a tribe. Partners in crime, sure, but never a tribe. I suppose that’s what RUDC is for me: the tribe I never knew I wanted.

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Welp, it only took me a year, but I finally had my Fallen teasers updated with the new website (yay adulting!). I’vefallen, fallen series, book one, teaser, roselynn cannes, persephone, cato posted the full collection under Fiction Fans so they’re accessible to all my beloved Cannes-Can’s. They’re there for sharing, so don’t hesitate to save and post them EVERYWHERE. Seriously, spread that shit like a mouth-herpes outbreak at a college beer pong tournament. I know that’s gross, but I fucking mean it.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register for Reading Until Dawn Con. Party with me in person and collect a plethora of booty while you’re at it! (Like, pirate’s booty, not literal booty; get your minds out of the gutter). Anyhoo, RUDC is in less than two weeks, which means pantsless dancing is bound to ensue; you don’t want to miss it.

Reading Until Dawn Con (#RUDC17) – Denver, CO; June 3, 2017

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Pillow Fort Included


pillow fort, rudc17, coloringJune 3rd– and, therefore, Reading Until Dawn Con— is less than three weeks away. Please excuse me while I squee myself.


Okay, I think I’m done. (We’ll see). Anyhoo! It’s not too late to register. Join me and my cast of characters. The plushies, not the fictional char– You know what?It doesn’t matter, they’ll all be there: plushies and fictional characters alike.

Cannes-Can’s special pillow fort edition of Story Corner will include coloring; readings of a few of my favorite scenes from Fallen, Book 1 in the Fallen Series; nursery rhymes (naturally); and the pilot debut of Real Shit, personal narratives as modern day fairy tales (they’re going to have morals and everything).


** Ahem **

Join me at Reading Until Dawn Con, I want to tell you a story.

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Swag It and Bag It


reading until dawn con, rudc, swag, roselynn cannesGuess who sponsored the bags for Reading Until Dawn Con?

If you did not guess me, then you are terrible at this game. Check it out! All author and reader attendees will be receiving one of our slick RUDC17 bags. I’ve ordered these same ones previously and they’re very durable; like, you could carry your books in there *wink*

In other RUDC news, I will be hosting Cannes-Can’s Story Corner at the RUDC pillow fort! Come join me for gin, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite childhood stories in addition to some custom original content. Be there, or be square my friends.

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It Comes in a Tank Top


reading until dawn con, rudc17, tank top, larissa ioneApril showers bring May flowers. And what do Mayflowers bring? Author-Reader Cons! (Or something like that).

Anyhoo, Reading Until Dawn Con is fast approaching and shirts are now available. This year my prayers were answered: it comes in a tank top. Amen-hallelujah! You bet your ass I already got mine. Now it’s your turn. If tank tops aren’t your thing, it’s also available in men’s and women’s t-shirts. No matter which style blows your dress up, get yours here.

In related news, did you know that you can help determine which games we play at RUDC this year? (Probably not because I never finished that post). Well, you can and your feedback is encouraged. And let’s be honest, as long as drinking is involved and I’m not required to wear pants, I’ll probably be into it. Check out RUDC‘s list of prospective games or suggest your own, just get involved. For full details, see RUDC’s official post Help Pick the Games for RUDC17.

See where else you can stalk me (online or in person) so we can share our mutual love for gin and lament over our mutual disdain for pants. Love your collective faces (you know, figuratively) my delightful Cannes-Cans!

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