Fealty, Not Favors


Fuck. Me. Hard. It’s nearly August. While I’m not entirely sure where the past seven months went– mostly I blame the gin– I do know that in August I will be in Troy, MI for Rust City Book Con‘s kick off year. As always, I’m wildly excited to take my pants off and meet fellow authors and book nerds. To get my game face on, I recently participated in Alpha Heroes’ five-word flash fiction game. Because I know nothing about steampunk, other than I love the cosplay, and I’m not sure I could effectively write contemporary if my life depended on it, I was the fourth author to take on the Alchemy series.┬áSee the full interview and find links for parts I, II, and III here. Keep reading to see what shenanigans our dear Mara got to under my tender, loving care.

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Basically, I Have No Idea What I’m Doing


Hey there, party people! What better way to christen the new website than a video. During my live interview with Shelf Addiction, I endeavored to answer the tough questions, and I did so with all the effectiveness of Peter Griffin attempting to tackle the greased up deaf guy at a picnic if I do say so myself.

Why do I hate pants? Because they’re the worst.

How difficult is it to do research for my books? We’ll never know. Much like my research habits, I followed my rapidly derailed train of thought right down the rabbit hole.

What would I say to convince readers to give my books a shot? Not only did I likely deter a whole subset of potential readers, I suspect I crushed the hopes and dreams of many of my current readers. #winning

Clearly I nailed it. Still, this seems like the perfect opportunity to adopt my softball team’s motto: Win or lose, we booze! Say it with me now: Win or lose, we booze! Win or lose, we booze!

Check out the full video to see me in all my ridiculous glory.

Do you have a question you wish I’d answer? Don’t hesitate to ask; I love being the center of attention.

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