Writer’s Write


Straightforward enough. At least, it seems to be.

What other than writing defines a writer?

But what if a writer doesn’t write? Isn’t writing? Hasn’t written?

Can she still claim the mantle?

And what about the writer who has written, but today the words just aren’t wording.

By tomorrow, they still aren’t wording.

Or the day after.




Or the day after.

Time crawls and days stretch into weeks.

Then months.


Over and over, she sits, ready to pour words onto paper, but they come out feeling flat.


That is, assuming they come at all.

What is a writer who has lost her words?

How long?

For how many days will the writer keep “writing” when naught will be written?

How long before she begins to wonder if perhaps she was never a writer at all?

Because writers write.